I wrote this poem after I visited Jonny Coyote‘s blog and read his beautiful poetry! Thank you for sharing and inspiring me.

To Johnny Coyote who in my imagination is a cowboy Stetson and spurs included

forgive my wild imagination Johnny and accept this poem as a peace-offering 🙂


Never to men

French tribute to the American soldier ww2
French tribute to the American soldier ww2 (Photo credit: Za Rodinu)

Whose heads

Held high

Filled with

Glory and pride

for all the tears they fought

for all the battles they cried

for every little in-between

that was never  known

or even seen

For all the days

Unaccounted for

For the nights

Hidden behind

An empty door


Never to the brave

Who fell with honor

Never to the strong

How stood

With horror


will you be forgotten


Will you be taken for granted


Will you be unloved

You battle because you have to

You battle for what you believe in

You battle for what is just

You believe in peace

And hope no child

Hurts like you do

But remember that

no matter what

you are not alone

And like the light that stands

At harbor

Your light will glow

No matter the storm

Nor fog or snow

Your light will shine

And with privilege be shown.

Humble Bee

the humble bee

resides inside the heart of three;

the ogre, the fool, and the tree

the ogre who is strong beyond measure,

but who couldn’t think of any pleasure

but eating humans and hoarding treasure.

The fool who makes the crowds shout with glee

but never thinks beyond the meager spoils

of leftover meat and stalled mead.

The tree who outranks the three

lives to breathe

the rancid air

we do not need.

Held not in high measure these things we tease

selfless though they may be;

we think we are greater; Us Humans We Be!

but in the end we are the greedy

the unjust,

the selfish

the thieves.

The Ravens Eye

The Ravens Eye

Inspired by shanesbookblog

I read a poem with the title “A Raven’s Eye” and I guess I got inspired! I hope this great and successful author doesn’t mind me stealing (borrowing) his idea 🙂

The ravens’ eye I wish to flee

That stare’th right Inside of me.

That hollow gaze which drills

My mind

Searching for the

Weak inclined

Thought that passes

From my heart.

Waiting lurking

Stalking still

You shall not

Rob me of my will

I will climb

Atop my mountains


Waiting for my sweet


When I shall

Take what is

Mine and keep

My conscience and my heart

Entwined together

They shall never part

For if they do;

I leave the wind

My secret tool

To nudge me

Softly off my

Stool of

Rock and soul.

And then

That fool

With eyes

So grim

Will not bother

Me a-gain.


Remember the Alamo!

remember the alamo

Hey, I don’t like republicans just as much as the next guy but I wouldn’t go so far as to say “FORGET THE ALAMO”. The battle of the Alamo was a great part of the history of the United States of America. It really defines what fighting for freedom is. Who could forget the great line in the sand drawn from William Travis’s sword giving the men an opportunity to leave or to stay and die.  The Alamo did not fall alone that day many brave man fell right alongside with her, William Travis, James Bowie and the great David Crockett just to name a few. So when I see something like this cartoon it gets under my skin , in Arabic we have this saying (ناكر المعروف)(niker il maroof) which literally means denying a known act, this cartoon even though it has nothing to do with the Alamo still disappoints me. So I say REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!! REMEMBER GOLIAD!!! Because if we start to make jokes about our history then we are not worth remembering.