13th century
13th century (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this life there are

Two days

One you breathe

The other you grieve

What is left in-between

Is a mirage

Of aquatic blue, green

An oasis

Only an Arab can dream.

Always distant

Never grasped.

Unquenched thirst

Devours our hearts


Away our meager


Of failures

And disappointments gone

We compete against

The truthful winds

Reminding us of

Where we are;

In  deserted

Desert heats

Chasing after

Taste-less meats.

Slowly comprehension


Upon the minds

Of feeble man

to quit the chase

And retrace

the path

That brought us

To this place.

Searching amongst

The desert dunes

Catching unfamiliar

Tunes of

Chanting pleas

on bended knees

We wait

We stop

We ponder

We gaze

Half way

Through this

Perilous maze

There lies

A well

Of fortunes past

Waiting for our

Thirsty grasp

Going back to where we began

We achieved our aims

Of worldly dreams

And ending our sandy


Only to have them stashed away

Until the next rainy day.