IMG_9401My skin tingles
My stomach leaps
My mind is restless from no sleep
The heart quickens
Its steps to you
Always out of reach…


I think I’m back?!?!

Well I’ve been gone so long I don’t think I have any followers left! But I’ll try to get my creative on and write some stuff!! I’m going to try my luck at short stories and fiction and maybe my opinions on current events in Iraq and the world. So wish me luck and maybe I won’t procrastinate like last time, and blame it on my broken computer!

Midnight Rain

Rain at Night
Rain at Night (Photo credit: Cat Sidh)

Today I am lonely


I do not have a thought in my mind


but for my lonesomeness


I crave a fellow soul


I thirst for sweet passion


I am lonely today


and I act as a dead poet would


I weep at cherished memories


I sob at moments lost


I want to walk in midnight rain


let it soak me


let it fill


my empty heart.


I am lonely today


I curse life and wish to die


if only I never dreamed,






Oh cruel life you may walk past me,


But do not look back at the shadow you missed


for I no more need you


than a  Brahman needs proof of God.


I am alone today


But the only desired midnight rain falls


from my short-sighted eyes.


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Scribbling of an old spinster

Children laugh too loud

The air is musty outside 

New cookies make me gassy 

My knees ache

I think I have a heart murmur…

That container would be great for…

The neighbors dog barks all night

I should get a cat to keep me company…

On second thought I don’t like cats…

Oh here we go again…

I hate when the sun comes up so suddenly on you, 

seems sneaky somehow…