A la fontaine de feu

Qui dort dans mes mains ouvertes

Écoutant les feuilles mortes

Transpercer sa chair brûlante

L’oiseau boit la flamme verte Seul témoin de mon espoir

Il jure par le soleil Par la cendre de mes yeux

Par le puits de mes mains blanches

Que je suis sauvée du bruit. Gourmandise d’un silence

Où ma bouche et mon oreille Cueillent un audible fruit Mûri dans la solitude. Gardez-moi de la chanson

Qui tourne au coin de la rue Et de la fille éraillée Qui veut m’appeler sa sœur. Gardez-moi d’un grand amour

Qui trancherait mon courage

Avec un couteau tranquille

Aile aiguisée sur l’azur. Un ami s’en est allé A cheval sur un navire

Au galop vers quel soleil Pas celui de ma fontaine

Trop gris pour lever une aube

A la taille de ses yeux.

Si j’étais morte en rêvant

Rien n’aurait changé de face.

J’avais bien voulu partir

J’ai bien voulu revenir

Revenir à la fontaine

Découvrir la paix prochaine

Où les larmes vont fleurir.

(L’Arbre a Feu : Poemes, Angele Vannier).1950

Painful Love

Substantial things deaden a man without suffering; Love awakens him with enlivening pains.

-Khalil Gibran



Vampyren, "The Vampire", by Edvard Munch

What I think it means man goes through life numb because of all that he possesses, but when love hits him,emotion are so strong that they are painful to handle even a feeling as sweet as love.



Deutsch: Rose mit Rauhreif / Eiskristallen

“Take O! Take those lips away,

Those so sweetly were forsworn,

And those eyes, the break of day,

Lights that do mislead the morn;

But my kisses bring again

                                                               Bring again

Seals of love, but sealed in vain,

                                                                  Sealed in vain.”

                                                                                                                                              –William Shakespeare

Forbid me sight of rosy lips

Masters of that poisonous kiss,

Stealing mind and breath away

Spurting weeds of love

To stay

Stare not in jade-n eyes

Promising comfort

But speaking only lustful lies

Be not lured into traps

of counterfeit paradise

And obsolete bliss

Seduce me not with warm embrace

Deceit me not with untainted taste

O’ pseud of love

Leave be.

Poseur of daily dreams

You are but

A whim at hand


Of lust and desire

Fire of hazy compassion

Burning endlessly

Never ending Passion.


Clinging to shadows
Floating in space
Noise-less wonder
Endless race

Crossroads scratched
Bridges down
Storms are coming
no way around

Hide in shadows
Battered and cold
No one to love
No one to hold

No sun to shine
No stars to climb
No moon to glow
Vast Uncontrollable time

Lingered darkness
Molding air
Damp confinement
Life is unfair

Empty promises
Little hope
Heart is slipping
Down a tearful slope

Into vacant lots
Empty hollows
Untied knots

Bloody pool
Weapon in hand
Sharp pain
No last stand

Ending soon
Early sunset
Rise over shadows
No deep regrets.


Taken in Summer 2008, in North West England
Taken in Summer 2008, in North West England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What sweetness of a farewell

Shared between lovers

The blossom of their love’s bloom

withered away too soon

The spring of their laughter

Silenced by the icy breeze

both Pleading for more

moments to cherish

embracing against thorny roses

which peirce their wounded hearts

leaving behind punctured wounds

never to heal

but meant to remain hollow

never to be filled

reminding of what was

and what used to be

they will be worn proudly

carried lightly

for such a hallow pain

is unknown

when it began

and where it will end.

Though it is painful and numb

love never hurt anyone

we only fear the farewell

that is to come.