Midnight Rain

Rain at Night
Rain at Night (Photo credit: Cat Sidh)

Today I am lonely


I do not have a thought in my mind


but for my lonesomeness


I crave a fellow soul


I thirst for sweet passion


I am lonely today


and I act as a dead poet would


I weep at cherished memories


I sob at moments lost


I want to walk in midnight rain


let it soak me


let it fill


my empty heart.


I am lonely today


I curse life and wish to die


if only I never dreamed,






Oh cruel life you may walk past me,


But do not look back at the shadow you missed


for I no more need you


than a  Brahman needs proof of God.


I am alone today


But the only desired midnight rain falls


from my short-sighted eyes.


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Scribbling of an old spinster

Children laugh too loud

The air is musty outside 

New cookies make me gassy 

My knees ache

I think I have a heart murmur…

That container would be great for…

The neighbors dog barks all night

I should get a cat to keep me company…

On second thought I don’t like cats…

Oh here we go again…

I hate when the sun comes up so suddenly on you, 

seems sneaky somehow…