Old Grievances

the grief we carry never lightens

the tears we shed never dry

the regret that clings to us

never lets go

we continue onward downward

straight ahead

always lost

in a maze of guilt

there is no magic wings

that set us free

there is no comical tragedy

to learn a lesson from

there is only that cool suffocating mist.





A la fontaine de feu

Qui dort dans mes mains ouvertes

Écoutant les feuilles mortes

Transpercer sa chair brûlante

L’oiseau boit la flamme verte Seul témoin de mon espoir

Il jure par le soleil Par la cendre de mes yeux

Par le puits de mes mains blanches

Que je suis sauvée du bruit. Gourmandise d’un silence

Où ma bouche et mon oreille Cueillent un audible fruit Mûri dans la solitude. Gardez-moi de la chanson

Qui tourne au coin de la rue Et de la fille éraillée Qui veut m’appeler sa sœur. Gardez-moi d’un grand amour

Qui trancherait mon courage

Avec un couteau tranquille

Aile aiguisée sur l’azur. Un ami s’en est allé A cheval sur un navire

Au galop vers quel soleil Pas celui de ma fontaine

Trop gris pour lever une aube

A la taille de ses yeux.

Si j’étais morte en rêvant

Rien n’aurait changé de face.

J’avais bien voulu partir

J’ai bien voulu revenir

Revenir à la fontaine

Découvrir la paix prochaine

Où les larmes vont fleurir.

(L’Arbre a Feu : Poemes, Angele Vannier).1950

A tear and a smile

No matter how much Gibran I read I still keep coming back. A while ago I flipped through a tear and a smile but I never committed to reading it but when this year was coming to such a unenthusiastic end I thought I needed a little spirituality to pick my mood up again. 
This book is filled with stories that center around the human spirit. The corruption of the soul is so easy to treat but as humans we are blind to our own mistakes and doomed to repeat them. Your heart has a empty void that only Gibran can fill you will die a lesser man if you pass the chance to read this book. 
Quotes that I loved:

House of fortune

“Share of thy self with the people”
The Criminal 

“…the first touch of humanity’s selfishness make criminals of the humble and make killers of the sons of peace; this does the early greed of humanity grow and strike back at humanity a thousand fold…

I am the human heart, prisoner of substance and victim of earthly laws
Two wishes

Only those return to Eternity who on earth seek out Eternity 
A poets voice

Humanity raged like a tempest, but I sigh in silence for I know the storm must pass away while a sigh goes to God
You may do unto me whatever you wish but you shall not be able to touch my truth

You may shed my blood and burn my body but you cannot kill or hurt my spirit 

…look at the Darkness giving birth to the Sun…
Before the throne of beauty 

Beauty is that which attracts your soul, and that which loves to give and not receive 
A lovers Call

…that kiss was introduction to a great sigh, like the Almighty’s breath that turned earth into man…