Birth of a Star

Hubble Sees Pinwheel of Star Birth
Hubble Sees Pinwheel of Star Birth (Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video)


I’ll spy the sun

As it engulfs you

In its fiery wings

And glided threads

Weaving elaborate

Patterned figures

Chiseling away on

Your ivory flesh

Leaving only

Echoing halls

Where no soul shall wander

no voices heard

is the old saying true

“When a tree falls in a lonely forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Will you be heard?

Emerging from your burning shell

Remitting your greetings

Vibrating gently

Across the solace sky

Stirring what once was still

Into chaos

Attracting the courtesy

Of all the abyss

For now,

you exist.

Haiku: Beach

English: East Beach Taken during a low spring ...

Sinking feet in sand

Winds clash against routine waves

Striking silently

Sand turns to wet grains

Wetting feet rubbing on toes

Wind hits back softly

Blowing hair in face

Poking eyes, attacking lips

Pushed back by new wind

Rain beating steadily

Impaling flesh, pinching skin

Drowning in wet air

Searching for shelter

Finding only destruction

Yearning for warm light

Anxious worries rest

Spying isolated tree

Dashing for cover

Waiting patiently

For the end of the battle

Greeted by warm sun

Ascending over land

Drying all that once was wet

Leaving only heat

Left just to myself

Admiring the aftermath

Smiling in my heart