Democracy Freedom

Democracy is the right to choose between good or evil, To be free is the common sense to choose good over evil.

Does that make sense to anyone?

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I Bring Not Thy Peace But Thy Sword



I bring not thy peace but thy sword;

for God’s will is his way.

The devil may reap his rewards

but in the end will join them.

There will be shadows in light

but wills of darkness condemns

them in  barrows  where they

will stay,

to rot and fade away

until the end of days,

When legends are forgot

and lore becomes a myth

Good lives on

in the heart of pure warriors

who fought Evil in its highest

True light shall prevail

in face of battle

100 can overcome 1,000

If courageous and fearless stand

facing the same Shadows

that once in darkness dwelled

let them not cross the light

that hides their true form

for if they hide they will

never be found

fading into other forms

poseurs of Peace and Love

with faces hateful and grim

no one will want to judge them

and “hurt” their little whims.

But instead we feed them

and we let them grow

and in the end we’re left

with hard fists and no risks

So in closing destroy Evil in its wake

and let say what they will…

Because Evil knows no compromise

and like dreams of devils in paradise

they are not here to stay.



*History note*: The image I chose is of Imam Ali’s Sword Zhul-Fekar (its name). This sword has never come down on an innocent men and has never been used in anger, It has only been used to fight in Gods name and nothing else, For a tool of war it is the purest weapon in history. The last battle that Zhul-fekar was seen in  is the Battle of Karbala, it was used by the Imam Hussien( a.s),passed down to him from his brother Imam Hassan (a.s)  from their Father Imam Ali (a.s) after their murders. Zhul-Fekar disappeared after Karbala and no one claims to have looted it,(they would have loved to boast about claiming it as a booty of war) It is believed that  it will resurface with our 12th Imam, Imam Mahdi (a.a.f).


The Narrative of the Earth’s Revenge









The Earth seen from Apollo 17.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“Why do you allow a hateful and ignorant creation to desecrate my soil?”




 “Though most of man is evil, a small group holds unto truth.”




“But why let them commit such evils and walk free?”




“They do not walk for long and their youth is limited.”




“Let me have my vengeance upon man.”




“So you shall have it so. For when their phase is done”




 “You shall swallow them into your soil”




“And crush their youthful bones”




“Strip them of all control”




 “Tear apart their hearts”




“And rid them of their soul.”




“Fester upon their meager parts”




“Cleanse them of all spoil”




“For when they come to me,”




“I will not end it there”




“For every footstep driven into your soil




I take its rent in full”




“And who in this lifetime has ever counted




Mere footsteps  




Would be considered a fool.”