A tear and a smile

No matter how much Gibran I read I still keep coming back. A while ago I flipped through a tear and a smile but I never committed to reading it but when this year was coming to such a unenthusiastic end I thought I needed a little spirituality to pick my mood up again. 
This book is filled with stories that center around the human spirit. The corruption of the soul is so easy to treat but as humans we are blind to our own mistakes and doomed to repeat them. Your heart has a empty void that only Gibran can fill you will die a lesser man if you pass the chance to read this book. 
Quotes that I loved:

House of fortune

“Share of thy self with the people”
The Criminal 

“…the first touch of humanity’s selfishness make criminals of the humble and make killers of the sons of peace; this does the early greed of humanity grow and strike back at humanity a thousand fold…

I am the human heart, prisoner of substance and victim of earthly laws
Two wishes

Only those return to Eternity who on earth seek out Eternity 
A poets voice

Humanity raged like a tempest, but I sigh in silence for I know the storm must pass away while a sigh goes to God
You may do unto me whatever you wish but you shall not be able to touch my truth

You may shed my blood and burn my body but you cannot kill or hurt my spirit 

…look at the Darkness giving birth to the Sun…
Before the throne of beauty 

Beauty is that which attracts your soul, and that which loves to give and not receive 
A lovers Call

…that kiss was introduction to a great sigh, like the Almighty’s breath that turned earth into man…

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Holy Spirit 33


Humanity appeals to its people but they listen not. Were one to listen, and console a mother by wiping her tears, other would say He is weak, affected by sentiment.

Thou art my brother because you are human, and we both are sons of one Holy Spirit; we are equal and made of the same earth.

You are here as my companion along the path of life, and my aid in understanding the meaning of hidden Truth. You are a human, and, that fact sufficing, I love you as a brother. You may choose, for Tomorrow shall take you away and will use your talk as evidence for his judgment, and shall receive justice.


Beautiful words of Peace and understanding. If only more Humans would listen.

In other words….

Why can’t we be friends, Why can’t we be friends… 🙂