Wasteland Sings

The remains of victims of the Shark Island camp emerging from the sand

Dead Sands

Birth Trifle Songs

Forgotten Melodies

Wake Sleeping Youth

Silent Winds

Dance Along Stolen

Unfulfilled Hopes

From Ashes Reborn

Troubled Souls

Return To Slumber.


Fingers On The Wall by John Floden

This poem was written by a new friend of mine John Floden on GoodReads.

I really enjoyed it when I read it and I wanted to share it! It is about the Vietnam memorial, I used this photo because I want to humanize the names and put life to what most people see as just letters and names.

Wall Sculpture Along WWII Memorial Entrance, Photo Credit:  

Fingers On The Wall

by John Floden
There’s fifty thousand, maybe more
in stone carved there for evermore.
Each name a life that someone knew,
they’re men and boys, and daughters too,
and there recorded all are known
on polished wall of granite stone.
The people come, the people go,
they search and seek for ones they know.

They touch their fingers to the wall,
the names carved there they do recall
sons and husbands, loved ones all,
and then the tears they start to fall.

In the sun or in the rain
the wall of stone, the wall of pain,
loved ones lost so long ago
you watch them come, you watch them go,
each one new, but all the same,
they search and seek to find the name
of that one lost, who once was known,
who now’s just memory carved in stone.