Hello?!? Is There Anyone Out There?

hi everyone! I know I’ve been gone for so long but only because of personal reasons not because I didn’t want to be here.  Yesterday I found this nice blog called WePoets Show it and I just wanted to share it with you guys if you’re still out there I hope! So check that out and check out their Gallery Sunday Artist Atousa Raissyan  Great Artwork that inspires the soul!!!I promise I’ll be back  soon just give me some time to write something new!

Painful Love

Substantial things deaden a man without suffering; Love awakens him with enlivening pains.

-Khalil Gibran



Vampyren, "The Vampire", by Edvard Munch

What I think it means man goes through life numb because of all that he possesses, but when love hits him,emotion are so strong that they are painful to handle even a feeling as sweet as love.



This poem is about suicide. It is fiction and does not reflect my views on suicide. I hope I do not  offend anyone with this poem, and if I do I let me know and I’ll take it down. 🙂


With a bullet to the head

Shadow Wreath
Shadow Wreath (Photo credit: jeff_golden)

I end what is now

To begin what

Is unknown.

The fog of naïvety

Cloud over judgment

Only to clear away

When all is done and gone

Leaving only guilt






All that is sought

Is not found

Shadows surround the vessel

That carried a withered soul

That was me

I cannot shout


Don’t go

Don’t leave me

I changed my mind

Come back

They leave


Alone with only my thoughts


Pondering on old regrets

Broken hearts

Hurtful words

How useless now

What a waste


What was the use?

What did I achieve?

Questions old and new

Never to be answered

Soon I join the mute

Who voices and screams

Are never heard

Truly gone and forgotten


Thrust into new cages

I spend eternity living

What should have been

What could have been

I ended Incomplete.


I’m not blogging for popularity

I’m not writing for attention

I’m not rhyming for a reason

to escape my destiny

I’m blogging because I love to share

I write because I need to breathe

I rhyme because…….well

it’s just catchy that way

and it makes people happy

even though they say otherwise..

have you ever heard of someone who couldn’t memorize

a simple rhyme?

My destiny is all set for me…

I can’t change it now.

Anyway I would not know how……..