I’m not blogging for popularity

I’m not writing for attention

I’m not rhyming for a reason

to escape my destiny

I’m blogging because I love to share

I write because I need to breathe

I rhyme because…….well

it’s just catchy that way

and it makes people happy

even though they say otherwise..

have you ever heard of someone who couldn’t memorize

a simple rhyme?

My destiny is all set for me…

I can’t change it now.

Anyway I would not know how……..



6 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. =] Your destiny and future is certainly bright!

    Lovely Poem!

    (Btw I hope I get to see your library one day) It sounds amazing!

    And thanks for making me feel better about my book addiction, haha

    • mostly e-books 🙂 but I still miss reading “the old-fashion way” 😦 I have a few hardcovers and paperbacks but my mother keeps hiding them….lol She cant hide my kindle no matter how hard she tries…. Thank you for the encouraging words 🙂 I enjoy hearing from you!

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