Saying of the Imam Ali

قال الامام علي :لا تثق في شمس الشتاء…

و لا في قلب النساء…

و لا في الدنيا فإنها دار الفناء…

ولكن ثق في اخ لم تلده لك أمك …

ولكن ولدته لك الأيام…

فإذا كان اجمل ما في الورد الرحيق…

فإن اجمل ما في الدنيا الصديق…

Do not trust in the winter sun …

And not in the heart of women …

And not in this world , for it is the dwelling of dissolution …

But trust in a brother not born from your mother …

But who bore him the days …

Because If what is most beautiful in the rose is the  nectar …

Then what is most beautiful in this world is a friend …

Nominated for The Super Sweet Blogger Award & Dragon Loyalty Award!!!!!

Yesterday I begged my computer to open and the internet to work and wow I found two awards waiting for me!! The Super Sweet Blogger Award and the Dragon Loyalty Award! I’m speechless I really hope people enjoy reading this blog but to get awarded for it is…wow I just never really imagined. Thank you Shane for nominating me for the Super Sweet Blogger Award 🙂 and Thank you to Patty for the Dragon Loyalty Award they both have been great friends on WordPress and I’m glad I had the chance to meet such wonderful, experienced people that I can call friends now!


Ok so the first award is the Sweets blogger Award!



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The 5 sweet questions:

Cookies or Cake? both 

Chocolate or Vanilla? both

Favorite Sweet Treat? reeses peanut butter cups, snickers milky ways anything……

When do you crave sweet things the most? every minute of every day.

Sweet Nick Name? uhhh my nickname is cricket…..I guess you can dip that in chocolate?

Here are the Nominees:






Chester Maynes


Hikari Yori


I Have A Voice



The Ranting Chef

All Of these bloggers have Contributed to my growth as a person and as a blogger and I love all their blogs and read each and every one of them!

The second award is

The Dragon Loyalty Award!!


I really Love this Award Because I’m a Dragon and I love Dragons I think they are the most fascinating creatures to have been on Earth ( I think they’re real!) Thank you Patty for this award I really love it!!!!

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Now Seven Things about myself

I can’t eat onions

when I get nervous I say really stupid things

I have a sensitive heart

I suck at fighting

I always support the country I live in

I tell people I’m five feet ( I’m really 4’8′)

I have never dyed my hair!

 Thank you to all my followers and friends and who ever likes my poetry if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have the courage to write!!!!

I love You All 🙂




Ode To A Friend

an ode to the one

friend who

never held through till the end

that one single person

Dandelions-2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

who gave up on you

who turned his back

and walked all over you.

If not for him

you would’ve never


that true friends stay strong

no matter the scorn

rather it be vicious intent

or malice justice

life has offered

you in return

a promise of knowledge

will soon  be learned

that no matter how

golden dandelions seem

they end in weeds

that choke their prey

with hidden treason

leaching off their wealth

just to leave

when all is drained

and extinct

never a goodbye or farewell

just slithered away to something new

to start again

the only thing they do.

True Friends

This is a saying of the Imam Ali (a.s) I wrote it in arabic and translated (roughly) in English. If more of His teachings were to be translated, Islamophobia would not exist. In this saying Imam Ali speaks about the most important thing in this world.. Friends who stick by you no matter what, Friends who love even though you are  a nerd that secretly wishes she was wonder women. (who me?!?! nah)

Friends you have to pay to read your blog : $90-$200

Friends who read your blog for free and enjoy it: priceless.

Thank you for reading my blog and to all my followers and who ever likes me I love you all! Live Long and Prosper! (You know you like me just a bit right?)

(قال الامام علي
..لا تثق في شمس الشتاء
..ولا في قلب النساء
..ولا في الدنيا فانها دار الفناء

..ولكن ثق في أخ لم تلده لك امك
..ولكن ولدته لك الأيام
..فإذا كان أجمل مافي الورد الرحيق
.فإن أجمل مافي الدنيا الصديق


Saying of Imam Ali (AS)
Do not trust in the winter sun ..
Nor in the heart of women ..
Nor in this life, for it is the place of perish.

But trust in the brother  your mother did not bear
But the days bore for you ..
for the best of the roses is the  nectar
And the best of the world is a friend.