An old mans song


An old man sings his sorrows away

Drinking tears from a bitter cup

Always wondering

what if…

What could have been…

left behind lovers sweet touch

never to hold again

drowning in regrets deep river

no chance for a single breath

waiting for deaths friendly visit

then he won’t be alone anymore.



Clinging to shadows
Floating in space
Noise-less wonder
Endless race

Crossroads scratched
Bridges down
Storms are coming
no way around

Hide in shadows
Battered and cold
No one to love
No one to hold

No sun to shine
No stars to climb
No moon to glow
Vast Uncontrollable time

Lingered darkness
Molding air
Damp confinement
Life is unfair

Empty promises
Little hope
Heart is slipping
Down a tearful slope

Into vacant lots
Empty hollows
Untied knots

Bloody pool
Weapon in hand
Sharp pain
No last stand

Ending soon
Early sunset
Rise over shadows
No deep regrets.

The Narrative of the Earth’s Revenge









The Earth seen from Apollo 17.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“Why do you allow a hateful and ignorant creation to desecrate my soil?”




 “Though most of man is evil, a small group holds unto truth.”




“But why let them commit such evils and walk free?”




“They do not walk for long and their youth is limited.”




“Let me have my vengeance upon man.”




“So you shall have it so. For when their phase is done”




 “You shall swallow them into your soil”




“And crush their youthful bones”




“Strip them of all control”




 “Tear apart their hearts”




“And rid them of their soul.”




“Fester upon their meager parts”




“Cleanse them of all spoil”




“For when they come to me,”




“I will not end it there”




“For every footstep driven into your soil




I take its rent in full”




“And who in this lifetime has ever counted




Mere footsteps  




Would be considered a fool.”









Departing in the dark of night

I leave behind familiar tunes

of you and I and what was and used to be

wordless joys and hopeful dreams 

we were like doves nestled in an olive tree

embracing peaceful serenity

we raised our own

taught them to soar

spreading peace and razing calamities

For in our youth

we spread only truth

and left all vile behind

never looking back to notice

The arrowhead that pierced your naked heart

We were caught aghast

Unbeknownst of the targets


Now I stand upon your grave

my little white dove

who died so brave

buried in the dark of night

without a cry

without a parade

of loved one to send you on your way

to the paradise  of never withering blooms

and never ending days

My tears run streams across my

heart trailing into my troubled mind 

Contemplating what was taken away so soon

Our love was pure

Clean and to some very strange

But it is love still

No matter the critics

Or the Quills

For we are not Romeo and Juliet

Nor Qias and Leila can compare

We are the beams

Of the early sunrise

We are the roots of the eternal tree

We are

Fatima and Ali.