The Ravens Eye

The Ravens Eye

Inspired by shanesbookblog

I read a poem with the title “A Raven’s Eye” and I guess I got inspired! I hope this great and successful author doesn’t mind me stealing (borrowing) his idea 🙂

The ravens’ eye I wish to flee

That stare’th right Inside of me.

That hollow gaze which drills

My mind

Searching for the

Weak inclined

Thought that passes

From my heart.

Waiting lurking

Stalking still

You shall not

Rob me of my will

I will climb

Atop my mountains


Waiting for my sweet


When I shall

Take what is

Mine and keep

My conscience and my heart

Entwined together

They shall never part

For if they do;

I leave the wind

My secret tool

To nudge me

Softly off my

Stool of

Rock and soul.

And then

That fool

With eyes

So grim

Will not bother

Me a-gain.



9 thoughts on “The Ravens Eye

  1. One time I was told that sometimes the best ideas are borrowed! Your writing is amazing! Fantastic poem!

    PS Thank you for all of the likes to my writing! I look forward to reading more of your work!

    • Thank you 🙂
      your writing is wonderful
      I enjoyed reading your short story
      and I loved the other side of fine,
      you enter into the human psyche and you are welcomed there. 🙂 I hope to read more of your work

  2. >.< I wish I could explain how much I love this but I can't seem to put the right words together! Thanks for understanding my thoughts when I composed this piece,you did an outstanding job making a part 2. I shall feature your adaption on my blog if that is okay with you.

    I am so glad I could inspire you,So many people have inspired me on here that I am beyond words to find out I finally was able to help a fellow writer and artist!

    We really need to work together some time,I believe we could create magic…better yet we could make something that would put the devil in a happy mood for all of eternity.

    Anytime you feel inspired by something I write don't be afraid to borrow or use an idea,I would be Honored for you to connect with one of my poems in such a way that it prompts you to create such a masterpiece!

    I could not of wrote a part 2 better myself you knocked it out of the park and then some!

    Thanks so much,I owe ya one.


    • Of course you can feature it on your blog! Thank you!!! and thank you for giving me permission to use you as my muse! you will be held in high regard I assure you! and I would love to work with you and pick your brains for a while 🙂

      • Awesome! =] I put your poem on my blog with a link back to your page!
        If you want me to change anything let me know.
        And you can pick my brain anytime,just try to be gentle =p HaHa
        Thanks again for this amazing work of art!
        You made my day! My whole week!

  3. Thanks Patty!
    I am really thankful you took the time to check out both of our blogs!
    I also read some of your posts today and I loved them!
    I love the beautiful and creative decorations and jewelry you make,I even became infatuated with the silver dragon perched on the ball or as I interpreted it,the world and I must have it! I hope you have some for sale.


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