The Sphinx

Sphinxes (Photo credit: schmaeche)


Sitting all alone


on a forgotten throne


of desert debris and spoiled human meat


No greedy follower to worship


nor sacrifices to hold


You ate more than your fill


and enslaved the needy


You’re dead now


but   left behind is


a feminine mind


designed in golden feathers and mane


sporting only the heart of a wench


who lives only to gain


 to watch over your gold


that you will never use and never hold


The sun eats away its desolate skin


The darkness hides its ancient scowl


No more riddles to be heard


No more answers to be skeered.


Left to remind generations to come


what  once was strong powerful


will fall to the ground


and die in vain


for  evil has not won


and all will be undone.



Thanks Tim for the inspiration! 🙂




This poem is about suicide. It is fiction and does not reflect my views on suicide. I hope I do not  offend anyone with this poem, and if I do I let me know and I’ll take it down. 🙂


With a bullet to the head

Shadow Wreath
Shadow Wreath (Photo credit: jeff_golden)

I end what is now

To begin what

Is unknown.

The fog of naïvety

Cloud over judgment

Only to clear away

When all is done and gone

Leaving only guilt






All that is sought

Is not found

Shadows surround the vessel

That carried a withered soul

That was me

I cannot shout


Don’t go

Don’t leave me

I changed my mind

Come back

They leave


Alone with only my thoughts


Pondering on old regrets

Broken hearts

Hurtful words

How useless now

What a waste


What was the use?

What did I achieve?

Questions old and new

Never to be answered

Soon I join the mute

Who voices and screams

Are never heard

Truly gone and forgotten


Thrust into new cages

I spend eternity living

What should have been

What could have been

I ended Incomplete.

Poet’s Prayer


To deny my faith


Would be denying the truth.


Is it possible to deny the blood


That streams my veins,


With legions of unknown




with dreams


and hopes


and promises


made and kept?


Can I deny the love


For estranged




Whom I wish to please?




No I shall not deny


I shall not be proud


I shall cower


And beg for love


Because it takes


Only a pure heart


to distinguish false from true.


True Friends

This is a saying of the Imam Ali (a.s) I wrote it in arabic and translated (roughly) in English. If more of His teachings were to be translated, Islamophobia would not exist. In this saying Imam Ali speaks about the most important thing in this world.. Friends who stick by you no matter what, Friends who love even though you are  a nerd that secretly wishes she was wonder women. (who me?!?! nah)

Friends you have to pay to read your blog : $90-$200

Friends who read your blog for free and enjoy it: priceless.

Thank you for reading my blog and to all my followers and who ever likes me I love you all! Live Long and Prosper! (You know you like me just a bit right?)

(قال الامام علي
..لا تثق في شمس الشتاء
..ولا في قلب النساء
..ولا في الدنيا فانها دار الفناء

..ولكن ثق في أخ لم تلده لك امك
..ولكن ولدته لك الأيام
..فإذا كان أجمل مافي الورد الرحيق
.فإن أجمل مافي الدنيا الصديق


Saying of Imam Ali (AS)
Do not trust in the winter sun ..
Nor in the heart of women ..
Nor in this life, for it is the place of perish.

But trust in the brother  your mother did not bear
But the days bore for you ..
for the best of the roses is the  nectar
And the best of the world is a friend.





History Lesson- Muharamm

Many people don’t know about the Islamic Calender, or don’t want to know.

Now I’m not going to  talk  about it or discussing it right now because it means I have to think hard and well I’m still working on that right now.

As I was saying, the Islāmic Calender is a lunar calendar every new moon means new month simple more accurate and there isn’t an Apocalypse any time soon so no worries!

What I want to talk about is the first month Muharamm. In this month Muslims are FORCED to stop bickering (even back then they were bickering all the time.) they are also not allowed to start wars which maybe is a bit to hard for them,(my opinion). In the year 680 A.D

the leader of Sham (Syria) plotted and killed the last grandson of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

In the West everyone knows of the Spartans and the battle of  Thermopylae, and those who don’t watched the movie 300, but The Imam Hussein didn’t have 300 he had 75. They were defeated in a single afternoon but they killed around 10,000 of the 30,000 that were presumed there.

The Spartans had water,The Imam Hussein didn’t. When People speak of Spartans they use words like loyalty, courage, patriotic,these are the same words we use for our Imams they fought alongside their followers they didn’t sit on the sidelines.We keep their memories alive and we have a love for them that most people don’t understand even other sects of Islam.

I know I haven’t done this subject justice but to put it in simpler terms every year we vote and we vote for Him. Here is a link to His wiki page.

Imagethis is a picture of the Imam Hussein’s  Mausoleum the inside door ways and dome are gold, (the former dictator didn’t get a chance to “borrow” these yet.)

Please excuse my bad penmanship, I’m just beginning to get my ideas straight and I appreciate your patience.

(My first serious subject yeahhhh dude I’m gettin’  all professional and mature!!!  :))