Ode To A Friend

Chirping Cricket

an ode to the one

friend who

never held through till the end

that one single person

Dandelions-2 Dandelions-2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

who gave up on you

who turned his back

and walked all over you.

If not for him

you would’ve never


that true friends stay strong

no matter the scorn

rather it be vicious intent

or malice justice

life has offered

you in return

a promise of knowledge

will soon  be learned

that no matter how

golden dandelions seem

they end in weeds

that choke their prey

with hidden treason

leaching off their wealth

just to leave

when all is drained

and extinct

never a goodbye or farewell

just slithered away to something new

to start again

the only thing they do.

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