You and I………..

Seated here attached to the present of this royal place
We are a singing joy you and I.
Two in form two in figure two to the outward eye
We’re one in one, you and I.
The grove’s verdant green picked in birdsong
Treats us kindly with a trace of eternity
As we enter the garden, you and I.
The unnumbered eyes of the stars gaze on us.
We turn on them the moon’s face, you and I.
You and I, refined with joy, more than you and I
Set apart from the dross of empty words, you and I,
We are, you in I and I in you, the envy of gorgeous
Birds of paradise when we melt in secret laughter,
YOu and I, the mystery is you and I as we sit
Together on this royal place, yet in this cusp
Of being in the shade of common bliss we are one
You and I.
You and I.
We are at once in Iraq and Khorsan
You and I.

Divan 322
Jalaluddin Rumi


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