History Lesson- Muharamm

Chirping Cricket

Many people don’t know about the Islamic Calender, or don’t want to know.

Now I’m not going to  talk  about it or discussing it right now because it means I have to think hard and well I’m still working on that right now.

As I was saying, the Islāmic Calender is a lunar calendar every new moon means new month simple more accurate and there isn’t an Apocalypse any time soon so no worries!

What I want to talk about is the first month Muharamm. In this month Muslims are FORCED to stop bickering (even back then they were bickering all the time.) they are also not allowed to start wars which maybe is a bit to hard for them,(my opinion). In the year 680 A.D

the leader of Sham (Syria) plotted and killed the last grandson of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

In the West everyone knows of the Spartans and the battle of  Thermopylae, and those who don’t watched the…

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