Your Mother

Daisies And Drops
Daisies And Drops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’m sorry I havent been on in a while been kinda sick but I am almost better. I missed the Mothers Day Post but I have only a few word that are their weight in gold ……….




One day a man came to the Prophet  Mohammed  (pbuh) and asked for guidance….


Guide me O’ Prophet of God!


Your mother, the Prophet answered..


The man asked again


Guide me O Prophet….


Your Mother  the Prophet answered again


The man again asked


Guide me O prophet!


Your Mother replied the Prophet again


The man asked again


Guide me O Prophet!


Your Father the Prophet answered.


The meaning of this narrative is Think of your mother three times before your father. In Islam the mothers place is sacred. There is also another narrative from the Holy Family (a.s) that goes like this


Heaven is under the feet of mothers”


It is not a disrespect to heaven but it is there to show how much a mother is worth in Islam. We are very protective of our mothers to a point that it is unhealthy in some cultures but still they are our past, present, and future.


So in closing I want to wish my Mom a Happy Mother’s Day!


and I’m going to bake her a cake!


And to all Mother’s out there Thank you for being Mothers! If it weren’t for you we would not exist!



15 thoughts on “Your Mother

  1. How are you feeling now? Did you share this post with your mom? =)

    Hope she had a lovely mother’s day, and get some rest lady. That will help in getting better.

    • Thank you for worrying about me! I’ll try to sleep but these dust balls in Iraq make me feel like I’m stuck in an airless box 😦
      And I did bake a cake for my mom it sank but she still ate it.. I love my mom.. 🙂

      • Haha. Awwww. I’m sure she appreciated it (I’m not too great at baking either). One of my roommates is wonderful at it.

        Oh!! Dust Balls…hmmm. Drink alot of water. Maybe that will help?

        What kind of cake? Vanilla?

      • cinnamon coffee cake 🙂
        and usually just crank up the AC and humidifier and have my inhaler close by. I’ve grown so used to it I can sense a storm 3 days before it comes 😀

      • 3 Days??? Wow. Good. Well, you feel better. Cinnamon Coffee Cake sound delicious. Wow, well you can’t be too bad to have tried that!

        It must have been yummy!

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