True Love

When the wife of the Imam Ali died of her wounds, Imam Ali buried her alone and without a funeral because those were her wishes. This is what he spoke as he finished praying on her grave……………..

الامام علي عليه السلام  : عند قبر فاطمة الزهراء عليها السلام

حبيب ليس له بعد حبيــــــــــب

Imam ali
Imam ali (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

وما لسواه في قلبي نصيب

حبيب غاب عن عيني وجسمي

وعن قلبي حبيب لا يغيــب

roughly translated
saying of Imam Ali at the tomb of his beloved wife Fatima(a.s) after
he buried her.

A lover that no lover precedes

Nor shall another have a share my heart

A lover who is absent from my eye and form

But from my heart shall never part.

Love is so beautiful if only we learn to give without receiving. No one would be unloved if everyone loved a little more…………


2 thoughts on “True Love

  1. Truer words have yet to be spoken! Yes, we have to share a little more love! What’s to lose? We have plenty of it, can never run out of it and doesn’t it feels good to share it? I am with you on this Soad!
    Lots of love coming your way! 🙂

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