Guest Blogged!!!

ok so remember ‘The Ravens’ Eye well I submitted on this blog and it got featured today!

I’m really happy about it and more people get to see my work!!!!

Another Thank you to all my followers and who ever likes my stuff!!!

I love you all unconditionally!!!!!! πŸ™‚


English: Smiling, smiley, smiley face
Thank You

6 thoughts on “Guest Blogged!!!

  1. Congrats!

    I told you your poem is amazing. =]

    And your work certainly deserves to be recognized by the entire world!

    I am so glad I was able to inspire you with my poem.

    I was shocked when you showed it to me And that you created such a remarkable work of art, it certainly deserves much much more!

    I Hope you will keep submitting your work to other places so you can get more feature’s, so more people can enjoy and become inspired by your work!

    I am so excited for you HaHa!

    That is so awesome Soad!!!!!

    Great work!!!!

      • You wrote it all by yourself, you just borrowed a little inspiration, and then you gave so much more back to me with the poem you dedicated to me, “Jasmine Bloom”

        I am going to have it professionally framed along with another favorite poem of mine I just discovered on someones blog,

        and hang them on the wall right in front of my desk, so when I lose my courage I can re-read that amazing poem you wrote for me and re-gain my strength and determination!

        You are a truly gifted Writer & Poet, don’t ever forget that!

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