Jasmine Bloom

For Shane. Thank you….. 🙂


The jasmines’ bloom

Poet's Jasmine (Chameli) in full bloom, the Na...
Poet’s Jasmine (Chameli) in full bloom.

In dark and gloom

Where no bird sings

Nor children play.

The scent attacks

The air with glee

Stirring feelings

Deep inside

Of me.

Visions of joy

Attack my broken heart

Like a fog of deep

Deserted blues



Closing in

Forgetting all my worries and views

Until I’m filled with sweet

Desire to love my self

With hateful fire.

I dance among

The gilded fruit

Drunk in

Desolate obsessions

Of love and hate

And words

Of dire

Never spoken

Never heard

Never thought of being stirred

Until tonight in this heat

Beyond the jasmine

Nectar beat.

Lost inside my own

Hopes and


I did not notice

Hiding in

Glowing  shadows


Climbing higher

Raised in heavens

of glided fire

Confronting all that was lost

Digging out toil and matter

I began to see clearly

what once

Was truth


Ugly now.

Tangled in weeds

And noisy clatter

The modest





Its doors with sharp  refuse

Waiting for the nocturnal



It wakes



it’s tunes



away the



8 thoughts on “Jasmine Bloom

  1. So very beautiful and powerful yet elegant and overwhelming.

    A whole slew of emotions that strike my heart and cause instant admiration and appreciative joy.

    You have surprised me beyond word’s for the second day in a row!

    If you don’t mind I would also like to share this on my blog tomorrow since your first Poem got a lot of attention and a few people actually did venture over to your blog! (so glad some of them did) I tried to spark as much interest as I could with the description of how your work affected me so that hopefully people would become intrigued and they certainly did!

    You are more talented than any Poet I have come across. And I am not just saying that to propel your confidence or as a nice gesture,I am saying it because it is utterly true…more true than the fact that the sun will rise tomorrow and the sun will go to sleep at dusk.

    You are a true writer and a creatively appealing person and I admire you so much for how much energy and effort you carve into the dimensions of each of your posts and your work.

    Thanks so very much for this Poem,I will be framing this next week
    (having professionals do it) and I shall hang this in my study so I can view it each day and every time I think I should stop writing or when I have a bad day in general.

    How could I ever re-pay you for such an amazing gift?
    I can’t think of any humanly possible things to trump this But I shall try and discover something regardless!

    You have showed me that life has so many things to offer that I honestly thought were extinct and forbidden.

    I have learned from you things that just can’t be taught or sold or even understood by most and I truly appreciate your Piece!

    Thank you!!! =]

    • NO, Thank you, it is I who Owe you for if it wasn’t for your inspiration and your encouraging words I would not have gotten to write those. And it is you who is a true poet, for a true poet strikes inspiration in all heart and causes the reader to find something better within themselves!

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