Cloning Neanderthals

Yesterday I was reading an article on how scientists want to clone a “neo-Neanderthal“.




That was my first reaction. I was surprised that they would waste money cloning “someone” yeah they are still considered someone; I don’t care how far off cousins they are. The usually saying came into my head “what do they think they are God or something?” but as I kept on reading, I grew more annoyed and disgusted at “these” people.



That was my second reaction. They haven’t even done anything yet and they’re already treating the Neanderthal like a science project. Does this remind anyone of that book The Fifth Child? What are thinking??



That was my third and final reaction. Right off the bat they decide the Neanderthal child is too strong for sports, had to be in an isolated education programs, whether he was intellectually gifted or disabled. Then of all the worst things to say to the public, speaking matter -of -factually they want to expose him to “pathogens” in other words, bacteria and viruses. Kind of what the first colonist did to the Native Americans and almost wiped them out.

Sometimes scientists are not as smart as we think . They sometimes have a few screws loss; no wonder most evil characters are mad scientist. They want to clone, isolate and experiment on a cousin of a human…I guess we are the true Aliens.




2 thoughts on “Cloning Neanderthals

  1. They would produce neanderthal and use them as slave beings. We do have a tendancy to do that to others.

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