Spam Season


For the past month I have noticed when checking my email I have received more than my usually share of spam. Just for the record I would like to inform who it may concern that  I detest spam especially spam offering me millions of dollars, because it reminds me how much I would like those millions. How everyone in Burkina Faso acquired my email, I don’t know but the most ridicule of these “gold mines” is their constant insistence to contact them. If you are going to offer me free money, you contact me. They almost seem like desperate ex-lovers who cannot take a clue. Honestly, whom do they think they are trying to manipulate? I am an Iraqi-American, if the Iraqi blood made tough, American public schooling made me sharp. I am not going to believe a rich guy was not smart enough to leave a will especially a guy from Africa. So I’m hoping that maybe this is just one of those new fashion  modes that last only a week like getting married or tattooing you current lovers name on your chest and regretting it later. What I am basically saying is Please Stop Tempting Me. Please.



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