Amazon Adventure Cut Short

(If anyone is wondering I’m practicing.)

Traveling to South America was the worst idea I had ever had.

Being young and naïve I had a very healthy sense of adventure and could not accept no for an answer so when a friend of mine challenged me to survive alone in an unfamiliar country I jumped at the opportunity to prove him wrong. Packing light I caught the earliest flight out I set out on my next venture. Landing on a dirt airfield was the beginning of my thrills that day as I started to maneuver around the city I noticed the tension in people’s faces as I made purchases from the local vendors, thinking that it was because I was a foreigner I brushed it aside and continued as planned. The city that I chose to “explore” was situated at the mouth of the Amazon River giving it that exotic experience that I was looking for. There were many boats docked at the harbor so on a whim I decided to go for a ride. Little did I know that, that would be the unwise mistake that would end my trip. Paying a rugged looking local to show me the “scenes”, I hopped on the boat without another care. It stated out wonderfully the boatman was eager to communicate and talked very much even though I could not understand a single word. He kept on pointing in all directions and seemed to be explaining something; I nodded back pretending to understand because I was too busy taking in all that I was seeing. The dense green foliage covered almost all the nearby banks and one could see very little of what was beyond that. Only the sounds was insects and birds were heard even they did not leave the safety of the jungle. Just then I spied a curved tree that we could tie our boat to, I begged the boatman to stop, and he reluctantly agreed. Pulling myself onto the shore, I began to adjust to the humid climate. Walking a little way in I discovered a concealed hut that seemed to be abandoned stepping inside only into realize that a very large man was hidden in the corner. Feting myself in his home, I greeted him only getting an infuriated look in return. Continuing my salutations only seemed to antagonize him even more, at that point, he started to shout and I began get uneasy. By the time, he had pulled out a machete I was already panicking. Raising my hands in front of my chest, I began to back a way slowly as I reached the entryway I turned around and ran as fast as I could where the boat was. Climbed in without a breath to spare I signaled the boatman to leave this place, before the jungle man catches up with me. Sure enough, a minute later, he showed up and it seemed he bought along a group with him, they seemed very hostile and I did not want to find out why. We quickened our pace and made it off the bank in time. The boatman was very angry and did not speak the entire way back. Feeling that I had  over stayed my welcome, I headed out the next day to the airfield and got the next plane out ending my Amazon adventure. Traveling to places where people are not very fond of foreigners is a bad idea.


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