Unwelcome Guest Part 2

I appreciate criticism!!!

Situated on the eastern edge of the Bay of Bengal there lies a cluster of islands known as the Andaman Islands. These islands are home to a civilization known as the Sentinelese tribe.

One of the few isolated people of our time the Sentinels choose to resist outside contact.

There is very little known about these people, there language is unique and there is no way to translate it. Known for their naked bodies and aggressive behavior towards visitors not much information had been collected other than that they are hunters and eat only local vegetation.

Having the chance to visit this Island on my many travels, I have had a firsthand chance to interact with these people. Docking a mile from the island, we used our small boats to reach the sandy shore. Upon landing, we discovered a set of small wall-less huts surrounded by green shrubbery placed very close together more like a family  community.

sentinel_fin_01 Just as we were about to reach them a group of male natives approached us dressed in nothing but a thin loincloth and some tribal decoration they were naked. Wearing forbidding faces, they did not initiate contact but just stood there. Feeling as if it was our duty to begin, we used hand gestures to greet them. This did not work and seemed to irate those gathering around. Soon more natives were approaching and women joined the now mostly male group. They were naked and had only decorative hand and ankle bangles on them. They were all very dark and had very short hair. We did not begin to worry until harpoons appeared at their sides. Without warning the stronger male natives began to shout aggressively, sensing this was the time to leave we slowly backed way to our boats. As we filed into our boats a single harpoon landed only an inch from my leg, I threw myself on the boat, grabbed an oar, and began to pull away. More harpoons landed close to us as we were crossing the waterway that connected us to the Island. Safely on our ship, feelings that this was becoming a reoccurring incident in my travels have led me to assume that people do not delight in traveling guests.

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