Wait weren’t we supposed to all die today????

Small scream
Small scream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where are the volcanoes and earthquakes??
And why is everyone still alive, I thought you would all  turn into zombies while I sit in my 40-feet-below-sea-level bunker with food to keep me going for years, to think of all the money I spent on those grow your own food pills!
well tough luck I’ll just save them for the next apocalypse….what is that next week???

OK who am I kidding everyone knows(everyone with a clear thinking cap that is) that the Mayan Calender Apocalypse is a hoax started by people who want to feel powerful and all-knowing.

Scientist already proved that it was a different calendar  meant change or new beginning, Which gives the  Mayans more credibility considering their human sacrificing and worshiping the sun shit.

Dude We didn’t mean Apocalypse, We mean A-polka-dance….. (ha ha I know your laughing at me not with me, but it’s still funny.)

So in closing do what the Mayans said (not the human or animal sacrificing or worshiping the sun thing) and start a new beginning  a stronger, better, more calm beginning and change for the good.


Live Long and Prosper my followers (oh god I’m such a loser :))


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