What is Suet?

If you only knew…………………..

Suet: \ˈsü-ət\ noun 

the hard fat around the kidneys and loins in beef and mutton that yields tallow.

What that actually means is that thick yellow stuff that you see doctors pull out of a really obese person…. People your feeding your birds loins fat what does that say about you?

What happened to just feeding them an apple covered with peanut butter and seeds?

I think we can’t seem to understand that feeding animals other animals is BAD.

Haven’t we learned enough people? Is it not enough that we are killing ourselves very slowly with fast food and chemicals in our food that we’re  doing it to our animals?

In this time of giving, I hope everyone is to just feed birds the old fashion way, an apple cover with peanut butter or honey (god know they could be allergic to that now like the rest on american kids) and roll in seeds. easy,cheezy,peezy!


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