Apocalypse Announcement

Dear Viewers in light of recent events I feel that is it important to announce that the end is nearing.

On Dec. 21 there is a scheduled Apocalypse from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm. It is important for you to be prepared so we strongly urge you to max out your credit cards on everything that makes you happy, don’t bother with the food and water the government will provide that for you. Don’t do you dirty laundry and don’t pay the Mortgage its a waste of time and they’ll probably get burned in the aftermath.

Go out that day, drive your limo and take a plane ride,but watch out for the pot holes they seem to get larger in these circumstances.

Listen to your favorite music, or enjoy this one-of-a-kind playlist that has been create d for you.

Playlist for the Apocalypse

1. Stayin’ Alive- Bee-Gees

2.Light my fire-The Doors

3.Why don’t we do it in the road- The Beatles

4. Flying- The Beatles

5.Elevator Music- Beck

6. Hurricane Waters- Citizen Cope

7. The Chicken Dance Song ( we might as well end with a bang, what are dinosaurs.)

Lastly do all the crazy wild things you never do in your normal life because your afraid of the neighbors seeing you in your underwear watering the lawn.Look on the bright side if there is no Apocalypse people will finally know who you are and you don’t have to pretend being a middle aged human who loves gardening and golfing on the weekends and loves  Saturday night dinners with the in-laws.

Stay tuned for more updates on this special broadcast. Up next  decorate your home for the Apocalypse- great ideas to make you home apocalypse friendly!!


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